Beetles-in-baby-food case dismissed

Judge puts plaintiff’s quest for class action to bed

Apparently the concept of entomophagy is either foreign or disturbing (or both) to Americans. While about 80 percent of the world’s nations are known to consume insects as food, many of which are considered delicacies in other cultures, an Indiana mother threw a tantrum upon learning that the baby formula she fed her child contained beetles and larvae.

Plaintiff Chalonda Jasper bugged out last year when she learned that her Similac baby formula included insect parts, and filed a class action against the product’s producer. The manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories, recalled more than 5 million containers of the baby formula in September 2010—a little less than a week after Jasper had purchased and fed Similac for her son. Additionally, the plant where the formula is made, Jasper said, has a history of beetle infestation and, as a result, has received many consumer complaints.

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