Technology: We're all human when it comes to info security

The “human factor” usually presents the greatest risk to IP loss.

This is the sixth and last in a series of columns on information security. Prior articles dealt with trade secret theft, ways to keep your data safe and with information security in light of the different types of technologies being deployed by companies. This article underscores the fact that despite all the technological advances with respect to information security, we are all human and often times represent the weakest link in securing data and other intellectual property.            

When retained by clients to conduct assessments on their information security policies and procedures, I am usually steered to a review of their technology solutions, including hardware-and software-based security solutions. However, I always point out to clients that the human factor usually presents the greatest risk with respect to information security and the loss of intellectual property.

Employee Training Should Not Be Overlooked

In addition to all of the technological solutions that companies employ such as firewalls and virus protection schemes, companies should not forget that ongoing and recurring employee training must be a vital component in their information security programs. All new employees must be trained in information security and must understand what they should and should not do with respect to their computers and the company’s networks. I note that many companies provide this type of training.

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