Tweeting Your Way in the Door

Attorneys understand the law of unintended consequences. Typically, we associate that term with well-intentioned regulations that end up incentivizing undesired behavior. With respect to Twitter, a very different kind of unintended consequence has firmly taken hold. As the young men who founded Twitter discussed on a recent episode of Piers Morgan Tonight , Twitter's original purpose had nothing to do with business or politics. Yet, the world is witnessing the power of this communication medium as a facilitator of free speech in the Middle East.

I confess that, until recently, I never considered the possibility of Twitter as an asset for either my business or for attorneys in job search mode. I'm just beginning to experience the business value of Twitter personally, and I encourage you to "follow" me at @everslegal. And for an excellent example of how internal recruiters at cutting edge companies are using Twitter to post new openings, follow @danjessup. While this example from Groupon is not specific to attorneys, you'll get the idea.


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