Inside Experts: Electronic Discovery in the Cloud

I won't waste precious words citing the legion of statistics and analysts' reports showing how rapidly IT departments are moving data to the "cloud." And, far be it from me to try and throw myself in front of the cloud computing train that is barreling ahead at breakneck speeds. What I will point out is that the prevalent "ready, fire, aim" strategy is bound to get companies in trouble from a compliance and electronic discovery perspective.

Instead of making enemies of your IT comrades by simply erecting roadblocks in the path to cloud nirvana, let's discuss how you can arm yourselves with some ammo to avoid downstream calamities, while utilizing a "measure twice, cut once" approach. This extra measure of caution applied before electronically stored information (ESI) is migrated to the cloud is well deserved since the legal and regulatory playing field isn't as fully developed as is the IT solutions landscape.

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Dean Gonsowski

A former litigator, general counsel and associate general counsel, Dean Gonsowski is the global head of information governance at Recommind and has more than 15...

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