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If you are fully employed, valued by your employer and your company's financials look good, I ask you to please still read this column completely. Perhaps you will never need the advice that follows for your own career, and I stress perhaps, but this column may inform how you interface with colleagues and job seekers who are now free agents. Also read this column if you are in charge of engaging contract attorneys.

Even as traditional law department hiring is likely to pick up, an enormous oversupply of well qualified attorneys is here to stay. Combine oversupply of talent with corporate America's mission to rein in legal costs generally, and we get a swelling pool of talented free agents who work as-needed in what, for many, is a scary "new normal" landscape. I borrow the phrase "new normal" from my friend Paul Lippe, CEO of Legal OnRamp, and I encourage you to read his monthly take on structural changes within the profession at


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