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General Counsel peer-to-peer Options

Dealing with a CEO change, managing to budgets, assessing outside service providers, and leading a robust law department - these are among the many topics driving general counsel to seek peer-level conversations. Whatever Marschall Smith is doing at 3M, or Mark Chandler is doing at Cisco, or Michele Coleman-Mayes is doing at Allstate, I suspect you might want to consider that "best practice" for your legal department.

Recognizing the demand for in-house counsel networking, a plethora of associations, organizations, clubs, forums, conferences, events and online sites exist to serve in-house counsel. But if you sit in the big chair and you are truly the Chief Legal Officer, what is the best organization for you to join? If you only attend one conference per year, which one should you choose?


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Mike Evers

Mike Evers recruits attorneys for corporate legal departments throughout the United States. Please visit His...

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