News Roundup: Jan. 24-28

Each week, brings you updates on the top legal news stories affecting in-house counsel. Highlights from the week of Jan. 24-28 include: Obama Nominates a Deputy Counsel for Solicitor General describes the president's appointment of prominent litigator Donald B. Verrilli Jr. to the post last held by Elena Kagan. Alabama law firm sues Taco Bell, claims there's not enough meat in its advertised "beef" reports on a class-action lawsuit arguing that Taco Bell allegedly engages in false advertising because its meat mixture supposedly does not meet minimum requirements set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be labeled as "beef." Finally, $4 billion captured in health-care fraud cases covers the Obama administration's recapturing of $4 billion last year from pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, nursing homes and other care providers that defrauded federal health-care programs.

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