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Litigation: Cross Examination - When the Truth is Told (Part 1)

Craig MartinThere is no part of a trial that is more exciting, risky and potentially rewarding than cross-examination. It is the only time when, as an advocate, we cannot completely control what will happen. Avoiding unhappy surprises and controlling the witness are essential to success.

We've had several cases settle during and immediately following the cross-examination of the other party's principal witness. .Effective cross-examination wins cases. Just as every witness is different, what's right in any cross will differ. Some cases can be won without requiring the judge or jury to find that the other side has lied - it's simply a David Bradfordmatter of stringing together the right admissions, which you have secured through documents and discovery - and telling a story with them through cross. Other cases will require that you win credibility battles and show that your adversary is either mistaken or has lied.

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