Showtime GC Gwen Marcus on Her Path to Success

Cable network GC has passion for entertainment.

Gwen Marcus' first love was the theater. The self-proclaimed "theater geek" performed in school plays and attended performing arts camps as a young girl. As much as she loved theater, Marcus says she realized early on that she didn't possess the natural talent necessary to succeed in the industry as a performer (or, she adds, as a waitress). Rather than giving up on her passion, Marcus refocused and decided to work as an executive in an entertainment company.

Q: You're co-chair at the Gay Center. Can you tell me how you got involved and about the work you do there?

A: At one point at Showtime, we very much focused on programming to underserved audiences. For many years we had films that had LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] scenes and focus and characters, and then we of course made a huge splash with Queer as Folk and The L Word. I think that, because of my involvement in those shows and because of Showtime's tremendous commitment to inclusiveness and diversity, the New York City LGBT Community Center reached out to me and wanted to work with Showtime. They gave me their corporate leader award in 2006, and through that experience, I got to know the tremendous work that they do and got more and more involved.

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