Ecourage Trust to Increase Employee Productivity

It's a tough economic time, and Bob's on edge--both in his professional and personal life. At work, he hears the buzz as his employer discusses ways to cut costs, and he begins to lose that sense of job security he previously felt. He wonders, what does this mean to my position, my paycheck? Bob immediately goes home and begins to assess his family's spending habits. He eliminates from the personal budget some of the more frivolous things, such as dinners out and weekend trips to the coast. His insecurity combined with the loss of some of the family's fun activities results in increased stress and an overall tension in the household. Although Bob has received no direct evidence his job is in jeopardy, his anxiety and resulting behavior continue to wreak havoc on his life for many months.

There is one common element of social reality that, when removed, served as the domino that knocked down Bob's life as he knew it: trust. The moment Bob lost it, things changed.


Cathleen Flahardy

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