Chrysler Canada GC Lorraine Shalhoub on Her Road to Success

Lorraine Shalhoub had her sights set on journalism when she first entered University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, in the late 1970s. But some of the classes she had to take to fulfill the requirements for the degree got her thinking: Maybe law was a better fit.

By the time Shalhoub graduated, the economy in Canada was struggling, and finding a decent job in journalism would have been a long shot. So she decided to pursue her interest in law. She applied to and was accepted by Windsor Law, the law school at University of Windsor.

Q: You recently won the Canadian General Counsel of the Year award. Why do you think it was given to you?

A: It was quite an honor. It is a prestigious award and is given annually to an individual who manages a number of complex issues with a steady hand as well as analyzes and appreciates issues from a cross-border perspective.


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