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Mock Interview Season

On campus interviewing ("OCI") season at law schools used to be a fun exercise for employers and students alike. Partners at major law firms enjoyed visiting former stomping grounds and spreading "call back" offers to law students with good grades who showed up on time for their interviews. Students at top 20 law schools, and often beyond, enjoyed freedom of choice. One could even try a summer associate position in a new city, knowing that home city options would still be available after graduation.

Of course, that's all ancient history. The percentage of law students who secure jobs via OCI will go down again for the third straight year. Law school career services offices, once viewed as cushy corners within the legal profession, are under tremendous pressure to improve OCI results. The main emphasis is placed on wooing additional employers to campus. In fact, my prediction that large in-house legal departments will engage in entry level hiring is already coming true. Granted, the raw numbers for in-house entry level hiring are still small.


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