Google Faces Patent-Infringement Suit Over Android Smart Phone Software

Software giant Oracle has filed suit against Google over alleged patent and copyright infringement in Google's Android software. Oracle says the software, which is used in a growing number of mobile phones from a variety of manufacturers, infringes on Java software Sun Microsystems Inc. developed. Oracle acquired Sun in January.

Though Sun held thousands of patents, it supported open-source sharing, cut licensing deals for Java, offered free versions and was generally criticized for not making enough money from the technology. Oracle, however, seems intent on changing that trend, with the lawsuit seeking unspecific damages and an injunction. If successful, the suit could affect all developers of Android applications because, analysts say, Java is essential to the technology.

Android is emerging as a profitable line for Google; it's projected to be used in one-fifth of all smart phones by 2012.

Oracle isn't the only company claiming patent-infringement--others, including Microsoft, have filed similar suits.

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