Interview with Chico’s GC “Sandy” Rhodes

Rhodes discusses everyday responsibilities and challenges.

Sandy Rhodes admits to having had some trepidation when he moved from the security of a long-established Tampa law firm to the often-risky world of retail. But his wife, Paula, sealed the deal that eventually made him general counsel of woman’s clothing retailer  Chico’s FAS Inc.,  which operates 1,100 stores nationwide under the Chico’s, White House/Black Market and Soma Intimates brands.

“There was some concern about getting into retail,” Rhodes recalls. “But during one conversation, Paula was taking a look at a Chico’s catalog and she said, ‘You know, I get these about once a month and there are always two or three things I have to have.’”

Q: What were some of the attractions of going in-house at Chico’s?

A: I loved the idea of having one client to work for and of being a part of the business decisions from beginning to end. I had represented Chico’s for about a year and a half, and having confidence in the ethics and integrity of the leadership at Chico’s was an important factor in my decision. And just the opportunity to start something from scratch, something I had never done before, was attractive as well.

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