Diverse departments start with diverse law schools

In-house counsel must focus on the pipeline to law school for diverse candidates.

As I approach my 20th law school class reunion, I have reflected on how dramatically the professional landscape for lawyers has changed over the years. Law firms combined and grew to become enormous multinational entities. Starting associate salaries in the largest firms skyrocketed. In general terms, lawyers and law firms have, over these years, enjoyed unprecedented levels of remuneration, visibility and prestige. These factors have caused many of the best and brightest to seek admission to law school. Over the past 20 years, law school applications have exploded.

To meet this demand, the number of available seats in ABA accredited law schools increased over the past two decades, as has the number of ABA accredited schools. With these expanded opportunities to attend law school, one might think that the opportunity increased proportionally for all demographic groups. Unfortunately, not so.

John Lewis Jr.

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