Jennifer Daniels Moves to NCR Corp.

When Jennifer Daniels graduated from Harvard Law School, she never imagined becoming in-house counsel rather than a courtroom litigator. But after years of practicing litigation and corporate law, Daniels couldn't help but feel extremely excited as she was named general counsel and corporate secretary of NCR Corp., a Duluth, Ga.-based global technology company.

Daniels, who was previously featured in InsideCounsel ("Most Valuable Players," August 2008) during her general counsel appointment with Barnes & Noble, says that taking a position at a technology company is "near and dear" to her heart because of her past work with IBM. "I am looking forward to working at a company with a great growth platform and a great management team," she says.

At press time, Daniels had only been in her new position for five days, and though she has had the chance to talk about bringing new ideas to the company, she says her main focus is on helping the business grow. "My main priority is working with the legal department to help the growth of the new entertainment sector and business as a whole," she says. The entertainment sector will make books and music available online in a digital format.

Daniels says that her new responsibilities with NCR would be the same as with Barnes & Noble, but the difference is the type of business. Barnes & Noble is largely domestic and consumer-based, while NCR provides technology solutions to many businesses overseas. Daniels says that the technology solutions aspect and the new entertainment expansion make working with NCR different and interesting.

Daniels says that an in-house position is best for her because she can focus on two interests: litigation and business development.

"A good general counsel should be a good business person as well as litigator," Daniels says. "I honestly couldn't imagine being in any other role right now."

Krystal Wilson

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