Converting Paper to Digital Files

"You no longer have to have individuals with offices full of paper," says Charles Ragan, managing director at Huron Consulting Group. "If there is reason to access an older document, an individual can retrieve it very efficiently, knowing that it is trustworthy, knowing that it is the right document and not worrying about version control."

Directing one hundred people in seven offices worldwide, Matthew Goodwin, chief patent counsel at Unilever, says his ongoing paper-to-digital media conversion enables him to manage a virtual office from London.

Experts agree that e-mail should not be used as a workflow and file management system, although that is where most incoming correspondence is stored, often in folders. "E-mail search and management capabilities are much more limited, so e-mail should be uploaded to the document management system along with scanned paper files," Zwiefelhofer says.

Overcoming Resistance

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