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University Settles with Residents Over Noise Control Battle

University of California, Berkeley and the Panoramic Hill Association's four-year legal battle came to a close Thursday when the university agreed to settle with Panoramic over noise control and safety issues at the campus' stadium. The settlement says that the university will pay for all of Panoramic's legal fees and strictly limit the amount of nonfootball events at the Memorial Stadium located in California.

The suit between Panoramic and UC Berkeley is just one of three suits filed over the stadium's expansion plans. The other two lawsuits, which were filed by the city of Berkeley and an environmental group called Save the Oaks, focus on the right to build an athletic facility on an area prone to earthquakes, while Panoramic's focus was on noise control.

The agreement, which will go into affect in 2012, states that the university will pay $75,000 to cover Panoramic's legal fees, and that UC Berkeley will not be able to host more than nine events with crowds of more than 10,000 people over a three-year period. The latter excludes football games and graduations.

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