Using Web 2.0 to Advance Your Career

I'll let you in on a little recruiter secret. We miss reliable directories. Not so long ago, a recruiter could count on Martindale-Hubbell and Directory of Corporate Counsel to identify and contact "on-point" attorneys who met almost any search request. But as legal departments and law firms eliminate fringe expenses, these pay-to-list directories are quickly becoming obsolete. Good recruiters supplement directories with proprietary databases capturing years of networking and information gathering, but it would still be a big mistake to assume that we all know who you are and how to find you.

So the burden lies with you to create an online presence that, at a minimum, will be accessible to recruiters and corporate decision-makers. More importantly, you also have a tremendous opportunity to stand out and build an online imprimatur that will be far more helpful to your career than a standard directory profile.

The third step presents the greatest opportunity for your career. Become a thought leader. If you are an in-house attorney, the most elegant Web 2.0 platform for you is Legal OnRamp ( Here you can engage in best practices forum discussions with general counsel, post any of your publications, blog if you wish, participate in webinars and more. Legal OnRamp partners with the Corporate Executive Board's "General Counsel Roundtable" division. This means top-level decision makers see your profile, discussion contributions and publications.

The real power of Web 2.0 is the ability to provide content and discuss best practices. Building your online presence in this manner will lead to any number of desirable outcomes, including speaking requests, connection invitations and feelers from recruiters about leadership opportunities.


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