Sweet Seat: The Generation by Knoll redefines the office chair for a modern workplace

Most of my work days involve a slow decline--in posture, that is. Armed with my coffee and good intentions, I start off in that relaxed-but-straight-backed position that we're all taught is proper. But without even realizing it, at some point before lunch I start slouching, and by the end of the day I'm usually slumped curve-backed over my keyboard.

Knoll's Generation chair promises to help desk-workers like me avoid the afternoon slump by allowing for freedom of movement throughout the day. My current, traditional office chair, like most, pretty much allows for a single position: facing forward, with my back vertical. Thanks to elastomer upholstery and a design that incorporates principles of "holistic ergonomics," the Generation is flexible enough to adapt to a range of positions. So it will respond as you lean back until you're staring at the ceiling; turn around backward in a straddling position and bend the chair back to use as an elbow rest; and sit sideways with armrest-provided lumbar support.

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