Hiring Help: How to create a win-win situation for your business and potential employees

Most people think of business recruitment as a single process. But building a great inside legal team requires two very different, but equally important, disciplines: locating the right talent and then interviewing the top prospects in a manner that will determine the best possible candidate for your organization.

At Kaplan Higher Education, we are currently searching for an associate general counsel with specific skills. In the past, we have relied almost exclusively on professional networking and word-of-mouth recommendations to identify talented candidates. We had always considered legal search firms too costly and not sufficiently attuned to our company's needs. This time, however, we decided to alter our usual approach. Since time was of the essence, we reasoned that a qualified search firm specializing in legal placements could facilitate the process in much the same way as a good real estate broker who knows the market.

Janice Block

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