Private Rants Become Public When Aired Online

Though it's human nature to complain about work, employees who air their complaints on the Web might want to think twice.

A recent California state appellate court ruling confirms the conventional wisdom that once someone posts something personal to the Internet, it's public information. Cynthia Moreno found that out the hard way after publishing an essay about her hometown on her MySpace blog. Six days after detailing the myriad qualities that repulsed her about Coalinga, Calif., Moreno had second thoughts and removed the text from the site. But Roger Campbell, the principal of Coalinga High School, had already copied the essay.

Password Protection

Moreno identified herself only by her first name on MySpace with the hope of maintaining some anonymity. When the Coalinga Record republished her ode, the editor printed Moreno's full name. But the court decided anyone could readily determine Moreno's true identity based on pictures of herself she posted to the page.

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