Back to the Blacklist: IRS Makes Sketchy Determinations of "Subversive" Organizations

It seems we can now add the IRS to the list of anti-terrorism agencies along with the CIA, the Defense Department and the National Security Agency, but it does not get nearly the scrutiny it deserves.

Thanks to a sharp-eyed Washington tax lawyer, we now know that every low-level examiner in the IRS's tax-exempt organization division is instructed to decide whether each organization he or she examines is a "subversive" organization. What's more, if an examiner deems a local charity "subversive," the examiner is supposed to keep his conclusion a secret and promptly send his evidence to Washington for further study. What happens next is anybody's guess, but the procedure is nefarious, insidious and un-American. Non-profits that examiners suspect are "subversive" are effectively subjected to a secret trial by the IRS, but they aren't allowed to know about the suspicion much less defend themselves against it.


Bruce D. Collins

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