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Maximizing Conference Experience: You Got the Interview! Now What?

Attorneys are self-confident individuals. If only I had a dime for every time I heard... "If I can just get in the door, I'll blow their socks off."

In the last two columns, I covered how to make a conference-setting introduction and offered my best practices suggestions for follow-up. Since targets, a.k.a. decision-makers, have become expert time managers who are reluctant to create bandwith for new business relationships, these first two steps are truly the hardest. Congratulations on successfully securing a meeting! Best case scenario, the target now perceives you as potentially valuable. Worst case, you have at least cracked the "no" shell, the target has lowered her defenses (sorry, I just saw Star Trek), and she is willing to give you 20 minutes over coffee.


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Mike Evers

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