Amid the Crises, a Chance to Shine

Legal Department Operations Managers Find Their Skills More Critical than Ever

For law department operations managers, 2009 may be looked upon as one of the most challenging years of their careers, but also one of the most exciting. For years, you have struggled to prove that the law department can—and should—be treated like any other business unit. Now, the economic turbulence has made the focus on the bottom line more important then ever and accelerated that change in perception. But now that you have a receptive audience, you must continue to think, act and perform like a businessperson. Your clients throughout the organization are counting on you to do what you do best, and it’s a perfect opportunity to shine.

This message is spreading throughout legal departments around the country. Amid economic uncertainties, increased regulation and growing litigation, proving your skills in developing methodic, repeatable and accountable processes and procedures that can improve efficiencies, cut costs and allow your organizations to think strategically and not just reactively has become the new normal, according to the Second Annual Law Department Operations Survey. In fact, you not only have this opportunity right now—you must seize the day to keep propelling strategic, effective ways of doing business. You must keep evolving and raising the bar for performance in the eyes of the general counsel and others in the C-suite.

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David Cambria

David Cambria is the Global Director of Operations – Law, Compliance and Government Relations for Archer Daniels Midland Company. He is also a faculty member...

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