The Art of the Follow-up: Maximizing Conference Attendance Part Two

The InsideCounsel SuperConference ended May 6. If you are reading this column after May 6, and you have not done your conference follow-up yet, then I want you to do so today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today.

I have two essential best practice thoughts on conference follow-up. First, the sooner the better for follow-up, while introductions and the conference itself are still fresh in the target's mind. Second, it is never too late to engage in follow-up activity. If you have not done so already, please read part one of this series to understand my use of the word "target."

Respond to the hiring freeze reply by saying, "I understand. I'd like to set the table for when I might be helpful to you, and (if this is true) I'm happy to help in an independent contractor role to give you the flexibility of another resource."

There are many options for addressing the "not now" response if you are a private firm attorney trying to land new business. If you are a law firm attorney seeking tips for turning follow-up into rain, call or e-mail me anytime. Since this column has more of an employment orientation, however, I won't get into detailed rainmaking tips here.


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