Tough Calls

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Case 1: Disclosure Dos and Don'ts

Case 2: Reporting Rights & Wrongs

In today's climate of intensified individual accountability, there's an ever-growing queue of certification-seeking auditors outside the GC's office. But signing off on everything that comes across your desk is ethically dodgy.

Case 3: Investigation Ins & Outs

Any time in-house counsel conduct internal investigations, they directly confront ethical issues. The ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which most states have adopted with minor variations, clearly state the client is the corporate entity, not the executives, directors or employees. But managing that distinction on a practical basis is challenging.

Case 4: Withdrawal When & How

Client confidentiality is the cornerstone of the legal profession, but in certain situations the lawyer is ethically bound to breach that trust. If the attorney's services are being used to further a crime, or if there is a reasonable certainty substantial harm or death will result, the lawyer has a duty to act.

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