The Smoking Cow

In the past two years, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed in the subprime mortgage/credit crisis. Like any broad category, the subprime-related suits break into subcategories, but one common feature they have is their complexity. Often, the pleadings alone are hundreds of pages.

This complexity means a large amount of electronic information, so sound search and cull strategies have never been more important.

You can cull at collection, after collection, during processing or after loading onto a review platform. Suit yourself. "When" doesn't matter as much as "how," because the volume of electronic data from the structured finance division of an investment bank is the size of a galaxy. You need it the size of a constellation.

And of course, the third dimension is the case's substantive subject matter.

The complaints of the class actions and derivative lawsuits often focus on share value declines, or conversely, artificially high share values at the time of the plaintiffs' purchases, which the plaintiffs allege are the fault of the company and/or its directors and officers because of mismanagement and misrepresentation.

Clifford F. Shnier

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