Good Intentions

A company that chooses to "go green" would seem to be making an energy-wise, resource-saving and cost-effective decision. But when that decision plays out in changes to employment policies and practices, there may be unintended consequences. Employment law has yet to catch up with the greening of corporate America, increasing an employer's risk for litigation. As a result, green programs can drag employers into unfamiliar legal waters, making it prudent to test the depths and currents of those waters before plunging in.

Driving Concerns

The law is even sketchier when it comes to car pooling. In general, experts agree that the further it is removed from a car pooling program, the smaller the chance of an employer being exposed to liability. Employers that help arrange car pools or that provide a company vehicle for car pooling employees may risk exposure if there is an accident or a claim of sexual harassment during the ride to and from the workplace.

Dave Wieczorek

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