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Q: How did you end up at WMS/Midway?

A: I got a cold call from a head hunter saying "How'd you like to work at a video game company?" At the time I was rabidly into "Doom"--I was actually playing it at work after hours, because they had this really huge monitor for some piece of litigation. I went to work for WMS, just based on this cold call. I did an interview and two weeks later I was at WMS.

Q: Have you met or talked with any of the celebrities who have worked on Midway games?

A: I'm afraid not. We've had some very interesting people in our games. Michael Jackson was in "Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round Two," because, I was told, he loved the first game. He wanted to be in the sequel. We had Shaquille O'Neal and The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. Unfortunately, none of these people have I ever met in person. I've just dealt with their attorneys. But still, very interesting to do the agreements with these folks.

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