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From Inside Counsel to Consultant

When you are sitting in the general counsel's chair, you hear from them all the time. Sometimes you want them. Sometimes you wish they would disappear and let you get back to work. I'm talking about consultants from companies with services tailored specifically for corporate legal departments. Just a few examples include legal process outsourcing firms, matter management systems, benchmarking consultants, search firms and electronic discovery providers.

If you have ever attended the InsideCounsel SuperConference, or the Association of Corporate Counsel annual meeting, then you know many of these companies as conference sponsors, or as "vendors" with display booths. I put the word vendor in quotes, because I've never cared much for the term as it applies to professional services. Webster's Dictionary offers this cold definition of the word: "one who vends; SELLER."


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Mike Evers

Mike Evers recruits attorneys for corporate legal departments throughout the United States. Please visit His...

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