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A lurid corruption saga came to a conclusion in late August when Steven E. Warshak, president and owner of Cincinnati-based Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Several other employees and executives received jail time, including General Counsel Paul J. Kellogg and Harriet Warshak, the company founder's 75-year-old mother, who held various positions in the company. The following are the details of those sentences:

Steven E. Warshak

  • Age 42
  • President and owner of Berkeley Nutraceuticals

Guilty of:

  • 5 counts of conspiracy, fraud and obstruction
  • 12 counts of mail fraud
  • 3 counts of bank fraud
  • 73 counts of money laundering


  • 25 years

Harriet Warshak

  • Age 75
  • Mother of Steven Warshak

Guilty of:

  • 8 counts of conspiracy, bank fraud and money laundering


  • 24 months

Paul J. Kellog

  • Age 41
  • General Counsel

Guilty of:

  • 6 counts of conspiracy and money laundering


  • One year and one day.

Steven P. Pugh

  • Age 38
  • Warehouse Manager

Guilty of:

  • 1 count of conspiracy to obstruct the FDA


  • One year and one day

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