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While working on a recent false advertising lawsuit for a Fortune 500 client, law firm Holme Roberts & Owen had less than two weeks to gather data for e-discovery and determine case strategy.

The case involved thousands of documents. Relying on the standard e-discovery collection, processing and review process would have been too time consuming. Instead, the law firm turned to advanced analytical tools to perform an early case assessment.

Assessment Solutions
ECA software is often wrapped into more robust solutions--mainly collection, culling and processing tools. These solutions rely on a variety of methods to quickly scan a company's data repositories, from servers and e-mail archives to desktops and laptops. Some methods use a basic keyword search, others use contextual and concept searching, while others rely on intelligent analytics to slice and dice data in a variety of ways.

Guidance Software Inc., an e-discovery technology vendor, has as part of its collection tool a component that searches a limited number of employees' files to create a sampling of the overall corpus of data.

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