Colorado Law Ends Taboo on Wage Comparison Talk

When it comes to workplace conversations about wages, most employers believe silence is golden. Employees swapping details about their paychecks is not only frowned upon, company policy often prohibits it. But that's beginning to change.

Colorado recently became the fourth state to prevent employers from keeping a lid on workers' pay conversations. Nationwide legislation could be next.

But that can happen when a worker is not fully aware of the nuances of the employer's salary structure. "A company may have to pay more to attract someone from another company or to retain that employee," Kirkpatrick says. "It may be that someone has more job skills than another person in that same position. Not everyone knows the entire story that's driving a fellow worker's pay rate."

Policy Adjustments
As the lid on salary talk continues to be lifted, employers will be left with little choice but to adjust policies to reflect legislation that grants workers what Huber points out are freedom of speech rights already guaranteed by the
First Amendment.

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