Rules of Responsibility

It's Sunday afternoon. Your phone rings. A significant threat has been called into one of your facilities. How will your organization respond?

In today's world, this scenario is an all too real potential challenge for a company and its inside counsel. How do you protect your company from liability and safeguard its reputation? More importantly, how do you make certain your facility takes proper action to ensure the safety of employees, customers and the community?

Of course, no policy can contemplate or effectively communicate every possible scenario, so we continually remind everyone, "When in doubt, report it!"

Having geographically dispersed facilities does not mean that any location should be forced to act alone. A wide network of resources is in place to properly support each of our matters. Our 60 Minute Rule allows us to be responsive to important business matters no matter where they are and ensures that the right resources are available to protect our students, employees, communities and organization.

Janice Block

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