High-Tech Dialogue

New Internet and communications technologies continue to change our daily lives. It's possible today to switch easily between e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, blogging and social networking sites.

Teenagers simply use all of these at the same time! But for those who are a bit older, the impact of new technologies is profound. For in-house counsel, it is becoming increasingly important to think about both the challenges and opportunities these changes create.

Amidst this change, however, one thing will remain constant: There is no substitute for conversations in person. I get some of the best feedback when I have breakfast once a month with a dozen people from across our department. And if an issue is sensitive or difficult, the best way to talk about it is to walk to someone's office and sit down in person.

Technology is giving us new tools that can make us more effective. But we shouldn't forget that some of the best communications require no technology at all. They simply require that we get up from our computers.

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