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Douglas Hagerman may be general counsel of Rockwell Automation Inc., a provider of information solutions for manufacturers, but his teenage children are more technologically advanced than he is.

Before 2007 Hagerman had little experience with Web 2.0 tools, a second wave of Internet technology that focuses on the power of collaboration between individuals. He had been using the user-populated online encyclopedia Wikipedia since its inception in 2001 but never really engaged in creating content for the site. Meanwhile, his kids were busy uploading
pictures, writing blogs and creating profiles on social-networking sites such as Facebook.

One company that realizes the full potential of such social-networking tools is Alcatel-Lucent, which has been at the forefront of innovative legal departments with the development of an internal wiki that allows its in-house counsel to share information.

"Because we have a globally dispersed legal department, global knowledge management is a key part of our communication efforts," says Eugene Weitz, corporate counsel for Alcatel-Lucent and leader of the department's global KM team. "Web 2.0 facilitates that."

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