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A Crazy Idea

A few years ago, my manager challenged the legal department management team to come up with three crazy ideas to improve the department. The premise of the exercise was that if we were freed from the bonds of rational thought, we might produce some truly innovative ideas (which was funny to me because most of my annual reviews included pleas to develop some rational thinking).

When it came time for each of us to present our ideas, my boss announced that he would not consider a request for a raise or more IT infrastructure for the department as crazy ideas--some ideas, apparently, were deemed "way too crazy."

What did I do this week to ...

...?EUR?better understand my company's products or services?
...?EUR?better understand my company's strategy, objectives and challenges?
...?EUR?better know my "clients" and their challenges and idiosyncrasies?
...?EUR?better know the other members of the legal department and their challenges?
...?EUR?maintain my expertise?
...?EUR?develop relationships with my in-house peers through in-house counsel networks tied to an industry or geography or through the ACC?

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