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A few weeks ago one of our antitrust lawyers walked into my office with a big smile and an energetic gait. He had just returned from court, fresh from a decisive victory and happy to share his story.

Interestingly, his case that day had nothing to do with antitrust law. He and another Microsoft lawyer had just won a pro bono case, securing political asylum for a young refugee from Eritrea. Before fleeing that country, their client had been beaten and imprisoned for five months. Why? He had merely gone to a prison to inquire about his father, who had been taken away by the government after speaking out on behalf of political dissidents.

Already 56 legal departments have joined the Challenge. Our hope is to top the century mark before the end of the year.

At Microsoft I continue to be excited by the pro bono opportunities our lawyers pursue. Given our situation, it's not surprising that we have one of the country's largest in-house antitrust groups. What is surprising, perhaps, is that each of our antitrust lawyers decided to take on a pro bono refugee case this year. They're just as proud of their refugee work as they are of their antitrust counsel. And I couldn't be prouder of them for this dedication.

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