Table for One

In the movie "Wall Street," slick stockbroker Bud Fox (played by Charlie Sheen) enters an elite restaurant and requests "a table for one." He is unceremoniously ushered out by the matre de. "Reservations only, sir. We are booked for two weeks."

For in-house counsel in small legal departments, it's easy to feel that we "dine alone," and that we sometimes can't get a table because they are all taken up with larger groups.

As I devoured my meal, part of me wondered how much I may have missed out on in light of the fact that I hadn't interacted all that much with other legal minds in my daily corporate work. On the other hand, I realized that being forced to do everything myself had its great advantages as well. My job requires me to take on and resolve whatever comes my way and thereby makes me self-reliant. When you are flying solo, there can be no excuses and nowhere to hide.

Finally filled up with my meal, I realized that having a "table for one" can be just as satisfying and fulfilling as sitting at a larger table. It all comes down to savoring the experience for what it offers and making the most of it.


Michael Baroni

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