Web Evolution

Here is the fundamental question: If there is not a Web site for it, does it exist?

In my world of policy wonk overachievers, the answer seems to be no. Almost nothing happens in the public sphere without an accompanying URL directing you to many pages of text, photos and increasingly, video. A governor announces a new program--a new Web site is the place to go for all the details. A major news story breaks--pictures, text and video are updated hourly on a brand new site. Thanks to wildly popular social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, even the intensely personal aspects of life become available to anyone with Web access.

or publication.

StayExempt.org will not win any design awards. But, it is useful for non-profit lawyers who want to refresh their recollection of the law and for any charity executive who wants quick and easy access to the basics and downloadable forms. Regardless of your rank in the non-profit, the site will let you print out your own official-looking Certificate


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