Precious Time

I once tried to brush my teeth with my razor. That was a bit more serious than the time I put Brylcreem on my toothbrush or the time I used cologne as mouthwash. A lot of unsavory things can happen when you work yourself into delirium.

Time is precious, and most in-house lawyers don't have enough of it to properly address the tasks we're assigned, nor to proactively address the multitude of issues that are crying out for our special talents.

The seventh is research. One way to save time is to buy ready-made research from legal consultancies. I've ordered a summary on all warranty laws across the nation, for example. Not only did I receive the research project the next day, but also saved a fortune compared to hiring a law firm.

Time is precious, so we must use it wisely. At the very least, we all need to take some time to smell the coffee before we guzzle it, and be awake enough to ensure it's coffee we're drinking--and not a hot cup of freshly ground, honey-roasted peanuts we just prepared in a sleepwalking delirium.


Michael Baroni

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