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Six times a year Noreen Cherry had to assist Eastman Kodak Co.'s corporate secretary, Laurence Hickey, in compiling board books for all 12 of the company's directors.

"These meeting books are hundreds of pages, so they can take a long time to compile," says Cherry, a paralegal at Kodak. "We have to send them out in overnight mail, and sometimes things get lost. We've tried to e-mail them, but they're too large for us to send or for our directors to receive."

"If there's a resolution that can't wait until the next board meeting, we'll post it with an explanation, and each director will get an e-mail saying that a resolution is awaiting their approval," Surace-Smith says. "They then go online, type in their passwords and cast their votes. The system then keeps a record of their votes in case our auditors want to review when something was approved."

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