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It's hard to imagine that Teri McClure has time to sleep. Working with a staff of just 58 lawyers, McClure oversees the legal department of UPS, one of the largest employers in the country with an operational network that snakes from its headquarters in Atlanta into the far corners of the world.

In all, the company has operations in more than 200 countries and delivers 15 million packages a day. It operates approximately 92,000 vehicles and a fleet of nearly 309 airplanes. On top of that, the company employs a staggering 407,000 people, nearly half of whom are Teamsters. This all adds up to the potential for a crippling amount of legal risk. It's McClure's job to make sure that potential doesn't turn into reality.

A. When you need to figure out where a package is at any given time in the world, you can imagine that there would be some very intricate systems in place that would be able to do that. So we do have a number of unique technology systems that allow us to track packages, provide data to our customers and move packages. The company spends about a billion dollars a year on technology.

Q. In 2003 you took on a business role. Was that part of a grooming process to take over the GC position?

Q. How did you meet your husband?

A. I met him at a church singles conference here in Atlanta [McClure's husband is a minister].

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