Needy Clients

Sometimes I feel like the Statue of Liberty, standing alone on a little island, with my torch held high for everyone to see ?? 1/2 and for the needy to flock to. My current employer has 2,000 employees, with revenues nearing a billion dollars--and I'm the sole attorney.

Being the "go-to-guy" is rewarding. I love having colleagues rely on me for help in solving their problems or in facilitating their goals. Some have affectionately referred to me as "The Terminator" or "Superman" (hey, wise people know how to get to the top of my list).

Bottom line, because we in-house counsel in small departments are the sole "problem-solving" point of light, we attract all manner of legal problems with magnetic force. This is far different from large departments, with their layers of hierarchy and bifurcation by specialty. Such fragmentations help dissipate the expectation that in-house counsel is the all-encompassing Holy Grail of legal help.

As a sole in-house counsel, the mass of work can be quite daunting, but I'll admit--the fascinating diversity of it is what makes it so stimulating. I imagine Lady Liberty feels the same way.

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