The 17th Annual Survey of General Counsel

It's no secret that legal departments' relationships with law firms are somewhat tense. That tension is largely attributable to the fact that their objectives are at odds: general counsel put a premium on efficiency, while law firms need to bill as many hours as possible.

But despite that well known fact, few of you are doing much to change it, according to InsideCounsel's 17th Annual Survey of General Counsel. While the vast majority of in house respondents expressed some degree of dissatisfaction with their law firms,

only 34 percent reported firing or planning to fire a law firm in 2006.

These and other results of our survey, which appear on the following pages, offer a snapshot of what the in-house bar and law firms perceive as the sticking points in the law firm/ GC relationship and perspectives on what each side thinks the other should do to fix it ...

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