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Workers Sue C&S for Overtime Pay

Although C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc. lists "braggingly happy team members" as one of its company's visions, a group of rather braggingly unhappy workers have filed a class action against the nation's eighth-largest privately held corporation for violations of labor laws.

Four current and former warehouse workers filed suit in the Southern District of New York on April 6 alleging the wholesaler refused to pay overtime and made unlawful deductions from employees' hourly wage for mistakes on the job.

"This class action seeks to remedy the rampant illegal labor practices of C&S, which cheats its workers out of millions of dollars in wages each week in all 14 states where the company employs warehouse workers," the filing stated.

Plaintiffs seek restitution of $750 million in unpaid wages, overtime and related benefits from C&S.

"Collective punishment echoes the employment practices of the Gulag labor camps," said lead plaintiffs' counsel Steven Wittels of Sanford Wittels & Heisler in a press release. "There's no place for these kinds of tactics in 21st Century America."

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