Under Pressure

Charles James might have one of the toughest GC gigs in the nation. James handles all of the legal affairs of Chevron Corp., which has operations in 187 countries--some of which are located in the most remote and dangerous places on Earth. His job is never boring. In the past year, he and his 300-lawyer legal department engineered a merger with Unocal Corp., oversaw a price-fixing case that ended up in the Supreme Court, managed a toxic tort claim in a court in the Amazon and responded to ongoing allegations that some of

its contract workers in Myanmar (Burma) engaged in human rights violations. On top of that, he has a litigation docket at any given time of about 10,000 cases and an outside counsel budget of about $100 million.

approach we took.

Q: Some people have said that Ashcroft is a tough person to work for. True?

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