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On the now-defunct TV show "Arrested Development," Scott Baio played an attorney named Bob Loblaw. After the character's appearance on the show, a legal blog penned by someone named "Robert Loblaw" surfaced.

However, the real-life Loblaw isn't a former star of "Happy Days," but rather a female former assistant U.S. attorney who left the practice to be a stay-at-home mom. She started her blog, "Decision of the Day," to track interesting decisions.

"Although there are a ton of legal blogs out there, there were none that provided detailed coverage of appellate decisions from all circuits," she says. "I decided to try to fill that niche."

And fill it she does.

Take the March 17 piece about an 8th Circuit employment discrimination case against Wal-Mart in which the court upheld summary judgment for the retail behemoth. Despite a manager's egregious behavior, including using the n-word, the appellate court "decided that the plaintiff did not establish a prima facie case of discrimination because the supervisor's comments weren't directly related to [the plaintiff's] termination," according to the blog.

The entries are brief and always include the case name, number and links to court documents.

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