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If you ever miss law firm life, one look at the "Anonymous Lawyer" Web log will remind you why you made the switch. With satirical tales of partner brutality and associate groveling, you'll wonder why anyone puts up with life at a major firm.

Since March 2004, the Anonymous Lawyer (AL) has been weaving a narrative about the realities of working for a big-name California law firm. With wry wit and a despotic tone, AL illustrates his methods of associate abuse. For example, in one memorable post, AL writes about how he keeps associates on their toes after a winter holiday break.

"I've already left some post-it notes on people's computers asking them to see me as soon as they get in. I dated one of them last Wednesday, one last Tuesday, and one, for someone I know has been gone since the day before Christmas, 7 am on Christmas morning ... It'll put the fear of God into them, just a bit."

Billable hours are AL's life (which is why he bemoans losing an hour to daylight savings). For in-house counsel, Anonymous Lawyer serves as a reminder. Yes, there are certain pleasures that law firm life affords. But the price may exceed the benefits.

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